Masterlist of alphabetically organised names and places, for my own personal reference. May divide further depending on certain areas, if needed? For example, a seperate heading for 'members of the Eyes of Eternity' would probably be useful to me personally, if it comes up. Also I might get things wrong lol!!!


Eyes of Eternity: A sect of the Mindseers that venerates the Titan's eyes specifically. Believe that seeing is better than interpreting the thoughts of an all-powerful being. What the Titan sees is more clear than a vague interpretation of a thought.

Mindseers, the: The church, government, and state. The Mindseers believe the Titan is an all-powerful being that should be worshipped, and believe that the main point of worship is the brain. They reside in the brain, where they read the Titan's thoughts. They use this knowledge to determine what's best for everybody else. Only the highest ranked Mindseers are permitted this role, and those chosen are made surgically mute, so that the powerful knowledge they have access to is not carelessly shared among those who would abuse it.

Pulseholm: The heart of the Titan, and the capital city.