"Somewhere in the outer planes, there exists a great Titan. Its massive body drifts like a planet through the etherial sea, its limbs and flesh stretch like continents across the stars. It is big enough, in fact, that it supports its own internal ecosystem. So slowly does it move, and so vast is it, that within the Titan there are great pine forests, massive deserts, lakes of blood, seasons and weather. There are even animals - and people."

The people that live within this Titan do not know anything beyond it. All their cities - all their sprawling civilisation - is built into and around the internal organs of this god-sized giant. The lungs, full of great forests and bacchanalian parties. The brain, home to the powerful church of the Mindseers, and all their many sects. The great lakes of acid in the stomach, the lawless desert wasteland below the waist... it is a world within a body, and a body that has become a world."

"And the heart of the Titan is called 'Pulseholm'."


Welcome to my FANSITE FOR YOUR D&D CAMPAIGN!!! THAT DOESN'T EXIST YET!! But the concept is really cool and I'm going rabid over it, so I wanted somewhere to compile shit.

Also, hey DM!!! If you want me to change any of the intro above, lemme know. It's just a 'lil flavourtext for epic purposes. Don't know if you noticed, but I enjoy this sorta shit :)

But yeah my character page is here. I obviously can't do much for other people's characters, except take general notes and stuff... (*cough* and strategies for pvp *cough*)...

Ideally I'm thinking I'll update this as we learn stuff about the world? In a super casual way? (I already only update this site like, once a month.) But anyway that way you can keep track of how much we know, as well as how we're progressing. It's easy as the DM to assume players know more than they do, just because you've spent so much time worldbuilding it. But hey: we're idiots, man!

Also! This way I can be constantly adding shit to my character notes! And you can read it too, I suppose? It's mostly for me tho.

In fact I'll be real with you, the rest is mostly an afterthought. I was actually gonna make a whole new site for just my character, but I figured that would be a bit too chaotic? Also pretty egotistical lol? Would have been very easy though :)

Yeah... I'm sorry bro, your idea was too sick. I had to run with it.