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Yo. I'm Ben. This site is an archive for my writing drafts, worldbuilding, and development notes. I'm here to have fun without worrying about perfection. I also plan to have shrines, articles, book reviews, and hopefully some experimental html stuff in the long run. Don't box me in, man.

Thanks for passing through. Click on the navbar to get around.

Last updated: 16/07/2024. Woah, it happened!

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Character: Threadwitch

A perfectly ordinary practitioner of extremely ordinary magic. The weirdest commoner you've ever met.

Character: Max Snow

A gnoll chef - he'll eat anything, but by Nethys it'll be cooked first. Pathfinder wizard.

Featured Story:

The Man Who Was A Suit of Armour

Summary: An old man in modern suburbia struggles with an ancient curse, and tries to remember the name of a favourite confectionary.

Site Log.


Had an idea for a neat bit of wordplay, so updated the poetry section. Thassit.


Okay! New character page, again, with a fuck-ton of art. It's been a while since I was drawing this regularly. It's fun! Also adding a new blog section for June, give me a minute.


Always updating shit. Currently, added a bunch of ramble to May blog, a new PF character, and fucking around with a possible new campaign I want to run, which is hiding in the blog section. Maybe I should make a seperate section for those...


Updated Max Snow's character page with recent session notes, and a relevant meme.


New blog section for May.


New review on blog, In Stars and Time. I say review: it's pure ramble.


Added a new character - Max Snow, my Pathfinder wizard. Updated the home page, and some random other stuff.


Insignificant changes. Adjusting home page - site temporarily on hiatus!


New ttrpg character added to the characters section. More to come once I get art sorted.


Dammmn, added a whole new poetry section? Btw it's not personal stuff. Just experimental wordplay.


New header image. Updated the homepage, made it more visually appealing. Inspiration for header from this music video.


Okay. Here are the major changes: created a sidebar for some pages, massive overhaul of the character page (but still a WIP), renamed 'archive' to 'stories', removed the snippets and mechanics sections, renamed 'random other' to 'blog', added a guestboook, added a warning in the about page, and most importantly, the FUCK! section now works as intended.

Jesus, I'm going to bed. Right after I add some buttons to the about page.


Wow, I've got a button now. Moved the site log to the homepage.


Insignificant changes. Minor dot points on 'The Snowman' writing page.


Insignificant changes. Some bookmarked artists and songs in the 'random other' section, and minor dot points in 'The Snowman' writing page.


Insignificant changes. Sandwich recipe in 'random other' section.


Going hard in the 'random other stuff' section. I'm more or less using it as a notebook. The 'characters' page now works too, but is pretty bare for now. Need to track down my DnD notes.


Archive section link works now, as does the random other stuff section and the about page (obviously). Also cross-posted a short story in the archive from a couple of years ago.


First draft of site. I don't see myself making any big changes. In the future, if I edit the site to tweak something small (which I probably will) I'll make a note here that says "insignificant changes". Usually I'll just be messing with the CSS, or revising the about page. Anything to avoid actually writing.

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